Buying Industrial Workbenches and Workstations That Will Last

Industrial furniture is different from typical office furniture because it is designed for special purposes. Many industrial environments are characterized by heavy-duty labor or the use of special substances like chemicals, which can destroy regular furniture. When shopping for industrial workbenches and workstations, it is important to look for products that will withstand the test of time. These furnishings are substantial investments so they should be worth the money paid.Materials Used In Top-Quality Industrial FurnishingsSteel, aluminum, solid wood, and heavy, solid surfaces are some of the materials used to make the best industrial furnishings. Workbenches are available in light, medium, and heavy-duty versions and some use hydraulic lifts to make them ergonomically attractive. Adjustable height shelving is attached to a steel frame construction to provide added storage space for books and equipment. Some workbenches are designed to fit in corner spaces, allowing typically unusable space to become productive areas.Workstations are available for general or special purposes and feature the same industrial-style construction. For example, a computer or equipment rack workstation typically has steel frame construction with fully-welded tubular connections on the base. This furniture is designed to fit industry standard EIA 19 or 24-inch equipment and is compatible with the most popular brands of computer servers. Features like equipment rack bays and optional storage cabinets are designed to increase functionality.Available Top SurfacesDepending on the industry it will be used within, a workbench or workstation should have a particular type of top. A chemical resistant solid surface top is suitable for a laboratory environment, while a special type of top is required for use in a cleanroom. ESD-static control tops are designed for environments where sensitive equipment is present. These prevent electrostatic discharges that can damage this expensive equipment in seconds, rendering it unusable. In circumstances like this, the correct type of work surface can literally save lives because it enables medical research and testing to continue uninterrupted.A solid surface or plastic laminate top is designed for a light industrial environment that does not make use of sensitive equipment or chemicals. A solid wood butcher block top is designed for workshop environments because it can handle cuts from saws and other machinery. When shopping for workstations and workbenches, look for manufacturers that allow separate selection of work surface tops.Optional Workbench and Workstation AccessoriesIndustrial furnishings like workstations and workbenches may not include storage areas. These are typically considered optional accessories so before placing an order, consider whether they are needed. Options include storage cabinets, tool trolleys, file drawers, and utility drawers. Bin panels and bin rails in fixed and articulating styles may also be available.If a computer will be used in the work area, a monitor stand and keyboard tray may be necessary. Power outlet strips can be integrated into the workbench or workstation, making it more convenient to use equipment and tools. An overhead fluorescent lighting boom will make it easier for workers to see what they are doing and table mats that dissipate static or can withstand cutting are also available.